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Please note the the barbecue is lightly sauced before freezing, and will not need much if any more sauce. However, if you would like extra sauce for making cole slaw or adding to your barbecue, it is available separately.

2 pounds of North Carolina Hickory-Smoked Whole-Hog Barbecue, 1 package of Buns, 1 16-ounce bottle of Elizabeth Karmel’s signature Carolina Cue Vinegar Sauce (for making the slaw and adding to the ‘cue), a
nd one package of Carolina-Style Barbecue Potato Chips.

This is the perfect gift for everyone on your list all year ’round! And, it is just the thing for you to keep on hand for a weeknight dinner, or an authentic North Carolina barbecue (without all the work). These barbecue kits are our secret to “heat-and-eat” entertaining! And, don’t worry, your secret is safe with us! Now you can have authentic North Carolina barbecue anytime you want–even if you don’t live in North Carolina!
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Barbecue is beloved by everyone and traditional Eastern North Carolina Whole-Hog barbecue is the best-smoked pork that the region offers. Piedmont native Elizabeth Karmel created her Western-Style North Carolina (Lexington) Vinegar Sauce by taste memory when she first started smoking her own barbecue. And, she is known in barbecue circles for her signature sauce, which hits the perfect balance of sweet and peppery, and tangy with apple-rich vinegar. She used her sauce to season the Western-style Carolina barbecue (butts, shoulders and hams) that she grew up on, but in later years realized that by cooking the whole hog, and adding the belly, tenderloin and ribs to the hams and shoulders, you get barbecue with better texture and flavor. Her mash-up may not be traditional, but it is the best that the eastern and the western regions have to offer. This “Best in Class” barbecue is only available at www.CarolinaCueToGo.com.
*We suggest that you buy fresh cabbage and chop it finely for making the slaw.
**Each kit comes complete with everything that you need to make an authentic North Carolina whole-hog barbecue sandwich- except the fresh cabbage. You get the barbecue that has been smoked over hickory wood, hand-pulled, seasoned with Elizabeth Karmel’s signature Western-style Vinegar Sauce, chopped and mixed together before being placed into 1-pound containers. You also get heating instructions, a package of buns, a bottle of Elizabeth’s signature sauce to make the Carolina “Red” Slaw and Potato Chips.

Includes enough meat for up to 12 sandwiches!