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3 Pack - Utz Carolina Style Barbeque Potato Chips

These hard-to-find chips have a cult following and are reputed to be the best potato chips you’ve ever tasted. Crisp, tangy and slightly spicy, we know you can’t eat just one—because we can’t either! They taste like they have been dipped in North Carolina’s signature Vinegar Barbecue Sauce making them a perfect partner to our whole-hog barbecue.
Our Price: $6.50

Elizabeth first learned about Utz Carolina Style Barbeque Potato Chips from an article in The Huffington Post almost three years ago. It took another two years to find a bag—they are very hard to find—and try them. Everything that the author of the article said was true. They are the best potato chips that we have ever eaten. The vinegar tang keeps them light and crisp and the slight heat from the chili powder rounds them out. They are not heavy and greasy like many potato chips and they make a great accompaniment to our whole-hog barbecue. For this reason, we will now be packing all of our meal kits with these Carolina-Style Barbeque Potato Chips instead of the chopped cabbage. Now, all you need is to add cabbage to our kit and you have a complete North Carolina whole-hog barbecue experience plus the added treat of some of the best potato chips on earth!